plug-in via-filling (only for ondemand service)

1. Using the plug in (or Via Filling) process and materials is the only way to guarantee to get a completely closed via holes on the pcb.

2. The process can not be applied to hole with endsize diameter bigger than 0.30mm(12mil).

3. Plug in is done applying with screen printing a special polymeric solder resist material covering the via pad and via hole before (or after) to print the soldermask.

4. The hole must be selected and clearly indicated in a plug in layer provided as a Gerber file (similar to legend layer) containing only those vias and pads that need to be filled and the PCB board outline. Proper naming of the file and clear indication of requirement is mandatory for correct production.

5. It is typical to print this special material only on one side of the pcb depending on the required result. Use a proper and clear buildup or layer sequence description in the mechanical layer to give the correct information for the production.

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