LEGEND – texts on pcb

1. The printing processes for legend on the pcb is the inkjet printing ( except for PcbOnDemand service where also photoimageable printing and screen printing are avaible). Some drawing rules are so mandatory:

- Minimum Legend Line Width: 0.18mm (7mil)
- Minimum Text height: 0.75mm (30mil)
- Maximum text width at minimum height: 0.45mm (17mil)
- Maximum printed continuous area ( no text): 50mm2

Important note: in any case the height and the width of the character ( text) must be not less than 500% and more than 300% of the width of the line.

2. the legend’s texts or areas will always clipped relating to the soldermask. The clipping rules are:
- legend clipping clearance is 0.050mm (2mil): this means that we clip the legend 0.050mm (2mil) back from the soldermask openings.
- any bits of line smaller than 0.18mm (7mil) is not printed.

Note: if no any soldermask layer is present, the legend print is clipped against the corresponding copper layer (or corresponding drill layer if there is no any copper layer also).

Important note: to avoid your legend being clipped keep a minimum distance of 0.20mm (8mil) between legend elements and the copper image.

3. All legend text must be correctly readable so it is to be considered that as a pcb is always viewed from top to bottom through the pcb, text on the top layer should be readable and text on the bottom layer should be non-readable or mirrored in corresponding layers ( gerber files).

4. The board outline should be present in the legend layers.

5. In all cases any legend text or area within 0.25mm (10mil) of the board edge will be cliped away.

6. It is suggested to place no a legend layer on the copper layer side of a pcb without a soldermask layer.

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