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Guide lines

Data Formats

We Accept Several Data Formats for PCB Layout, Following These Simple Rules

PCB CLASSIFICATION – technological level

“Pattern and Drill Specification” are Used Shorthandly to Measure the Manufacturability of the PCB: This Generate a C...


1. Our CAM systems ALWAYS considers tool lists for drill files as finished hole sizes (ENDSIZE): anular ring values a...

Copper Lay Out

PCB Copper LAY OUT - Printed Circuit Board Conductive Layers

PCB PROFILE – mechanical requirement

A Mechanical Layer in the Data Set (gerber) is Always Required as it is a Fundamental Indication

Solder Resist Mask

Due to Alignment Process the Soldermask Clearances Over Copper Pads Must be Compensated for the PCB Production

LEGEND – texts on pcb

The Printing Processes for Legend on the PCB is the Inkjet Printing

CARBON – contacts (only for PcbOnDemand service)

We Use Conductive Carbon Ink for Those Copper Elements Thast Are Used For Keyboard Contacts, LCD Contacts, Jumpers, e...

plug-in via-filling (only for ondemand service)

Using the Plug in (or Via Filling) Process and Materials is the Only Way to Guarantee to Get a Completely Closed Via ...

PANEL DESIGN - guideline

1. It is possible to project panel of pcbs all with same design: the number of pcb in the panels depend of the chosen...

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