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Accepted Formats

We accept several data formats for PCB layout, following these simple rules:

Artwork (these normally are related to the drawing of all copper, soldermask, legend, SMD paste, carbon, peelable, selective finishing surface layers, board outline or mechanical layer, etc. ):

- Gerber RS-274X (Extended Gerber with embedded apertures)
- ODB++ (OpenDataBase++ - developed by GenCAM)
- DPF (Dynamic Process Format - developed by Ucamco NV)

For on demand service we also accept:

- Gerber RS-274D (Standard Gerber with a separate aperture file)
- Eagle .BRD file (CAD-data from CADsoft now Farnell)
- other CAD pcb designer files


- ODB++ (OpenDataBase++ - developed by GenCAM)
- Gerber format RS-274X or RS-274D (only true drill data, not a drill map)
- DPF (only true drill data, not a drill map)
- Excellon (1 or 2) + appropriate tool list (ideally embedded)
- Sieb&Meyer + appropriate tool list (ideally embedded)

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