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PCB Online

This is our most inexpensive service for printed circuit board with 1 ,2, 4, 6, 8 layers and the following features:

Materials FR4 CTI 175 (PLC=3) TG 135
Thickness from 0,8 mm up to 3,20 mm
Copper Base 18, 35, 70 or 105 micron (according to production requirements)
Photographic Solder  on both 2 sides (Green, White, Red, Black, Blue)
Legend white or black
Surface Finishing HAL LEAD FREE or ENIG

PCB complexity Type A-B-C:
Minimum Drill 0.20 mm (8 mls)
Minimum Track 89um (3.4 mls)
Minimum isolation 86um (3.4 mls)
Minimum Annular ring  100um (4 mls)
Mechanical finish of your choice
Single piece
In panel delivery (additional charge)

There is no minimum amount
Maximum quantity 100 dmq (1,00 mq)
Delivery from 2 days
Electrical tests included

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