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Multilayer printed circuits were conceived to cater to the rapid development of miniaturization technologies for electronic components and the consequent reduction in space.




Materials used

FR4 -Polymide (e/o Kapton)-Teflon-FR4 Medium/High TG

Laminate Thickness

0,6 - 0,8 - 1,0 - 1,2 - 1,6 - 2,0 - 2,4 - 3,2 mm

Copper Base Thick

18 - 35 - 70 - 105 -140 - 200 µm

Surface Finishing

Hot Air Levelling Lead Free or Sn/Pb
Chemical Gold (ENIG - ENIPIG - ASIG)
Electrolitical Gold
Chemical Silver
Chemical Tin


Blind Via Holes
Buried Via Holes
Plug-In on Holes
Carbon (for sliding contacts or membrane)
Print pelable solder resist

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