We inform you that due to the current production load in our plant, in order to guarantee the service, the shortest leadtime for production will be 6wds.
We apology for the inconvenience, hoping to reset standard terms as soon as possible.

High-tech Precision V-Cut

High-tech Precision V-Cut

The perfection of our new Japanese technology for V-Cut makes us guarantee the highest care in PCBs finishing.
A V-Cut machine for high-tech precision, The SHODA TECHTRON, has been chosen to enhance our Mechanical Finishing Department.

The MVC-630C, an authentically V-Cut machine for PCB final cut, able to manage the completely automated process: loading the production panel, precision alignment by optical balance, panel rotation for cutting in X- axes and Y- axes and final unloading.

A lot of parameters can be regulated to create cut program perfectly tailored on customer requests:

  • Management of core thickness (tolerance of +/- 0.05mm)
  • Chance of decentralizing core position.
  • Chance of making only one-side cut
  • Bidirectional Jump V-Cut

Cut precision achieves +/-0.05mm, and allows to work with PCB thickness till 0,3mm.

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