We inform you that due to the current production load in our plant, in order to guarantee the service, the shortest leadtime for production will be 6wds.
We apology for the inconvenience, hoping to reset standard terms as soon as possible.


When PCB supplier becomes strategic…

Many companies dealt with efficiency level of their own supplying chain in a crisis situation as that generated from ...

Reduce the ionic contamination of PCBs

15% of the anomalies on the electronic boards are caused by ionic residues.

A PCB on the edge of microelectronics

0.11 mm step connector: 70 micron track, 40 micron insulation. The possibility of creating a PCB of this level, on th...


Fifteen meters of automatic horizontal line for removing all the impurities from the holes, making them conductive by...

Fabio Puccia Modica is the new Commercial Director

New commercial development strategies for Alba PCB Group.

Solder Spray Technology

Spray technology for a perfectly uniform solder mask that adheres to the surface of pcb.

Alba PCB Group expands into Germany

Acquires Q-print electronic GmbH Acquiring the majority share in Q-Print electronic Gmbh, a German company with headq...

Illuminotronica 2017

We are present at conference and exhibition Illuminotronica 2017 October 12 to 14 Exhibition hall 5 – Stand C16

Illuminotronica 2016

We Are Going to Show Up At The Conference And Exhibition Illuminotronica 2015 - October 8 to 10 PadovaFiere – Gate T ...

High precision micro drilling up to diameter 0,1mm

High Precision Micro Drilling Up To Diameter 0,1mm · The Cutting Edge of Production Technology in Our Drilling Depart...

At the cutting edge of Technology

Alba Elettronica Keeps Giving its Own Growth a Boost, Building its Future on Strategic Investments in Next Generation...

Illuminotronica 2015

We Are Going to Show Up at the Conference and Exhibition Illuminotronica 2015 - October 8 to 10 Padova Fiere – Gate T...

Direct Imaging

Direct Imaging, The Perfect Technology for your PCB Printing

Electronica 2014

We are present at 26th International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications

High-tech Precision V-Cut

The Perfection of our new Japanese Technology for V-Cut Makes us Guarantee the Highest Care in PCBs Finishing

25 Years

We Have Been Spending 25 Years Focusing on our Customers, Offering a Professional Service and Tailored PCBs According...

News 06-12-2012

"....now we support also DesignSpark PCB File format....">

News 21-07-2012

We have become official partners of DesignSpark, site access to online resources and design support for electrical en...

News 01-07-2012

Until July 20, 2012, the shipping costs for your online PCB, are FREE. ADVANTAGE buy your PCB online!!

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