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What is mypcbshop

mypcbshop is the online purchasing service for quality printed circuits created by Alba Elettronica. It was incorporated out of the requirement to meet the ever more demanding requirement, in the world of electronics, to be able to have prototypes delivered in shortest time possible and at the best cost.

mypcbshop offers its clients and easy and quick method to order and receive the circuits it requires by means of adopting solutions that always ensure high, technological content and the maximum, quality standards inherent in a professional product.

Production takes place at Alba Elettronica’s plant.

The latter is a company that has acquired over twenty years of experience on the market and it offers maximum competence in the sector as well as cutting edge production technology.

About Alba Elettronica

Alba Elettronica is a company that has been producing quality printed circuits for more than twenty years.

It operates from a production plant that covers 4,000 square meters, making good use of cutting edge technology.

Its in-depth knowledge of each of the techniques and processes required to produce a printed circuit, allows it to promptly respond to the continuous evolution in electronics and every growing market demand.
Alba Elettronica offers a range of quality products and services in relation to the printed circuit, which covers all the client’s possible requirements:

Product – from the monolayer to the flexible circuit
Quantity – from samples to large scale volumes
Logistics - from Italian production to the Far East
Service - from delivery in 24 hours to purchase online

Quality and Innovation are the values that have guided the company’s choices.
From deliveries within 24 hours to the management of large scale production in the Far East, discover all the other services offered by Alba Elettronica



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