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PCBS printing

High quality PCBs just a click away

The easy and quick solution for buying PCBs online through a very professional service, convenient and at the cutting edge of technology. Thanks to mypcbshop platform, it is possible to order printed circuits for any needs and receive comfortably the end product to the required address.

In line with electronics evolution since over 25 years

mypcbshop is the original solution offered by Alba Elettronica, a company specialized in high precision and reliable printed circuits manufacturing since over 25 years. Our long experience and the best innovative productive technologies, allows mypcbshop to meet any needs coming from electronics world and its continuously evolution in the best way. This service offers the chance to set up and buy online printed circuits in a fast and easy way.


From layer to 8 layers, each product is produced through automatic productive process in order to guarantee the highest precision and time optimization, realizing delivery lead-time starting from 2 working days from purchase order.


mypcbshop doesn’t prevent any personalization: to provide the biggest freedom in choosing PCB characteristics, it suggests the on-demand service, which allows the production of PCBs from 1 to 16 layers, from single unit to mass production.

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